Mar 31, 2009

A Hill Hike

Mark was home for a few days and we hiked to the "A" Hill from our house twice! For those that don't know the "A" hill is the hill in Adrian with the big A! The kids had a ball! What fun we had!

Mar 13, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance...Well Grandad Grandgirl dance!

The Daddy Daughter Dance at the stake was last night. Ashlee isn't 10 till April, but she got to go with Mark's dad Jerel. He is the high councilmen over the primary and he invited Ashlee to go with him. She had a blast! Her first comment was..."Mom is was sooo fun...Grandad even tried to dance!"

Aren't they cute!

Just had to share this one! So Sweet!

Pinewood Derby!

Sage had is first Pinewood Derby! He did Great! He was one win from being 2nd! Way to go! All his design!!

Feb 16, 2009


Tonight Ashlee wanted to do the game and came up with a right and wrong cards, and you have to draw them out of a bag and decide if it is right to do or wrong....anyway we are going to play it again tomorrow as time ran out on our day! Here is the treat and loving cream with chocolate syrup! The only thing that would make this night better, would be Mark...thank heavens for web cams and skpe! We can call him and see him and still have prayer with him at night!


Tyson's Valentine for Mom and Dad! He sang the cutest song to go with it at preschool! Love it!

Sage's First Pack Meeting!

Sage had his first award at cub scouts! He earned his bobcat in about 3 weeks time! He absolutly loves scouts,,,(just like his dad)! Tyler Wagstaff is his leader and Sage truely loves him! Tyler is a great leader, we couldn't ask for a better leader! The surprise for me was I got a mother's pin! That is what is on my shirt! So Proud of Sage!!! WAY TO GO!!!

Feb 9, 2009

Please Excuse This House!

Some houses try to hide the fact
That children shelter there,
Ours boasts it quite openly,
The signs are everywhere.

For smears are on the windows,
Little smudges are on the doors
I should apologize, I guess
For toys strew on the floor.

But I sat down with my child
And we played and laughed and read
And if the doorbell doesn’t shine,
Their eyes will shine instead.
For when at times I’m forced to choose
The one job or the other,
I’d like to cook and clean and scrub,
But first I’ll be a mother.

Feb 8, 2009

We sent Mark off!

Well the day as come. The day we hoped wouldn't, but Mark needed to leave today for Wyoming. We were sad. Sage had a tough time and so did mom, but between all of us we sad our goodbyes and gave our hugs and kisses. The kids and I spent the day at Bowen's. Kept my mind of it as much as possible. Andy and Amy took Ashlee, Sage and I up on the hill to shoot Ty's 22 gun. They had fun! Mark called after being on the road about an hour and said....let my kids know that every mile was harder and harder to go. This is hard on all of us, but we are grateful for the great job Mark has. I appreciate Mark's willingness to do what he needs to to support our family. It will be so hard on him being away, we know he will miss us, but we also know that this is all for the greater good.
Mark is the hardest worker I know and I love him so much for each sacrifice he makes. Jerel came over and gave Mark a very nice Father's blessing, and Mark was able to give each of the kids a fathers blessing before he left.....isn't the priesthood GREAT!
Thank you to all my friends and family and ward family for all the love and support that has been extended to me and my family!
We love you all!

Jan 20, 2009 comes Mark!

Mark has been offered a job for Halliburton in Rock Springs, Wy. He starts training on the 9th of Feb. He will be gone for training for 5 weeks and then he will work 2 weeks straight and come home for a week. So he will work 2 weeks on and 1 week off. This has been an answer to our prayers. There is just no work out there and he has been trying so hard to find some. The company offers benefits and the pay is good, so we are excited. Not excited for him to be gone so much, but excited for the job. This could open doors after he finishes his degree next year. I have been emotional about the whole thing, but we are told, Heavenly Father does not give us more then we can handle, and I pray I can do what I need to do while Mark is gone. Bishop Peterson called us in on Sunday and told us that as a ward family they are all here to help me and support me as Mark does what he needs to, to support us. I appreciate all the help that has been extended and appreciate Mark's willingness to work so hard to make a good life for us! It is sure a small world, Mark's good friend from high school works in Rock Springs a few days a week to and then goes home to his family too, so they are sharing an apartment, and that is where my brother in law Andy grew up and my mom did too. I have grandparents there, an aunt and uncle too, so family is near for Mark! This is a blessing and we are grateful for it!